World Mental Health Day 2015 – Dignity


Today is World Mental Health Day 2015. Every year, 1 in 4 people
world wide 
experience a mental health problem. It’s not right that we can’t always talk about it openly.

I’ve made a commitment to speaking about my own experiences and recovery.
This year the theme is dignity.
“Incorporating dignity into an approach to mental health issues is fundamental to dealing with stigma and discrimination. There is nothing dignified about subjecting people with any illness to stigma, adding to the problems they already cope with through the illness itself. We need to work harder towards changing social attitudes and spreading public awareness of the nature of mental illness.

 As we seek to change outlooks, the importance of recovery is a central part of the message. Dignity is inherent in recovery. Care should encompass not just the present stage of the illness but the prospect that, over time, improvement can be achieved and that recovery, both in its medical sense and in its broader psychosocial connotation is a realistic and certainly dignified perspective.”Prof. George Christodoulou

President, World Federation for Mental Health


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