The Prints Are Up in Los Angeles. Solo Exhibition Opens Monday! 

A sneak preview…Curdled Anxiety Series is up in LCR Gallery at UCLA Medical Center. Exhibition opens Monday. I can’t quite believe it. Deeply emotional to see them from here in London and think they are all the way over there in America. 

This work came from the very darkest most frightening period of my life. I truly believe making Curdled was one of the key reasons I survived and recovered. Severe Depression and Chronic Anxiety Disorder made me house-bound for 5 months. I was in a veiled and unsettling place. Inky black images came and the slimy frightening feelings of this experience were recorded.

It’s going to be a phenomenal experience in Los Angeles. Perseverance, strength and hope has carried me into a powerful new life with art at the core of everything I do.

 I can’t wait to follow my heart to learn more and help others.

#Art #Mentalheath #Advocacy #Healing 



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