LA in LA!

I’m in Los Angeles!


The flight was smooth (I’m terrified of flying so that was a huge relief) watched good films and even did some drawings for my Compulsive Charcoal series on the plane.   


 Fantastic views of the City of Angeles from the plane. I couldn’t stop smiling as we came in to land. 

So delighted to be reunited with my good friend, artist and curator Ted Meyer at last! He is kindly putting me up for the week in his artist loft at The Brewery, and Ted invited me to exhibit Curdled and speak for the Art/ Med talk at UCLA.
It was two years ago that he came to stay with us in London, I am super happy to be back in his company. He is just an awesome human being!

with Ted Meyer

There was an issue with my luggage at the airport. Won’t dwell on it but it meant we had dinner (first burger of the trip at ‘Barbara’s Bar‘ at The Brewery pictured above) and Ted had to drive me back to the airport at 10pm to retrieve it. Phew!

So I’ve slept OK and this morning we are heading to UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine where I’ll see the exhibition up for the first time, and will give an illustrated talk to an audience of medical students and professionals from the Skin Picking community here. The Dean of UCLA is coming!!

More soon! 


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