#CompulsiveCharcoal series 

For many months now I have been compulsively drawing in charcoal on my journeys around London. Initially these were repetitive sketches of mountains.

A fortnight ago, I ran out of paper in my sketch book, and I picked up a free paper beside me to draw on. It was the beginning of a new series which is creating quite a buzz…
The #CompulsiveCharcoal series is gathering momentum… I draw on each and every journey. I transform images and adverts in free papers and leave the drawings in amongst commuters. 

I’ve started giving the drawings directly to passengers if they have been particularly interested!

People around me are inquisitive and often strike up conversations. A young woman crossed the carriage to watch me draw. And people are tweeting when they find them!


If you see one, let me know! If you #FindIt #TweetIt. #CompulsiveCharcoal

Check out this Buzzfeed on my work 

Here’s a selection of images from the last fortnight.



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