Creative fodder for the soul: Dallas Museum of Art & Nasher Sculpture Museum 

Gorgeous day of art in Dallas. An adventure on a 183 bus to the Arts District Downtown.

Gave a number of free drawings to passengers beside me

Tweeted the bus company, DART. They had something to say about this…


Incredible 3 hours wandering in the Dallas Museum of Art, followed by Nasher Sculpture Museum just over the road. No guns, please! 

 Complete creative soul fodder for me in the Dallas Art District. 

Topped it off by having lunch with Anthony Gormley… Well, a sculpture of him anyway

Sitting at the best table looking out over the sculptures from the cafe. “Ma’am would you like a coffee while you take in the art?”

Me “yes please, latte please”

“Here you go. It’s on the house. You just enjoy”

 Gave two drawings to the waitress on my way out of the cafe at Nasher 

#compulsivecharcoal Dallas #art #free #publicart #speedysketch #1minutedrawing #Charcoal #Sketch #USA #Dallas


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