#BFRBWeek 1-7 Oct 2016 

I’m a UK based artist and an advocate for a disorder called #CompulsiveSkinPicking which I live with and manage every day. 

It has many names: #Dermatillomania #ExcoriationDisorder #skinpicking #Derma. It is the sister disorder to #Trichotillomania or #HairPulling, also known as #Trich.

I’ve lived with #CompulsiveSkinPicking since I was about 7 years old. The illness is the reason behind my artwork, from my #CompulsiveCharcoal drawings to artworks and photographs. Art has become my greatest tool to manage the illness by redirecting my hands, and transforming my skin. It’s my daily reprieve to keep skin picking at bay.

#SkinPicking and #hairpulling are known as #BodyFocussedRepetitiveBehaviours #BFRB and 1 in 25 might suffer. They cause deep feelings of guilt, shame, sadness and low self-esteem. Many hide their illness from everyone around them, I hid mine for more than 20 years. At times the suffering was unbearable. 

There is no cure yet for BFRBs, but the guilt and shame created by these disorders IS curable through raising awareness and empowering those with BFRBs to find important information, support and community. There are many thousands of people living with these disorders world wide. You are not alone.

Find help and advice via TLC Foundation for BFRBs – leading resource world wide for these disorders. 

#recovery #mentalhealth #awareness #health #wellbeing #destigmitising 


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