10,000 #CompulsiveCharcoals: Free drawings everyday, on every journey 

I started creating #CompulsiveCharcoal drawings on discarded newspapers after I ran out of a sketchbook on a journey from South to North London in Oct 2015. I now create and give away about 60 drawings on average each day.

A year on, that’s close to 10,000 free drawings! 

Drawing is one of my greatest tools for recovery. Wherever I am, a small piece of charcoal in my pocket allows me to refocus my fingers and my mind to stop my Compulsive Skin Picking disorder by channeling the feeling of the disorder into a drawing. The process is fast, each drawing takes about a minute. I give the drawings away to fellow passengers near me in the carriage or a bus, as a simple act of kindness, but also as advocacy for Skin Picking. It’s a common, but rarely talked about disorder. As many as 1 in 25 might suffer, so it’s likely you know someone battling with this illness in private. It dominated my life for more than 2 decades. I’m committed to raising the profile and destigmitising it wherever I am. Each recipient of a drawing receives a postcard explaining the condition and why I’m drawing. 
Recently, The Londonist featured my #CompulsiveCharcoal in a short film, check it out – and please share widely.



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