Arrival at the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 

Wow! Touchdown in Singapore! Nervous-excited-nervous-excited!

But a great welcome from the lovely M1 Singapore Fringe festival peeps who met me from the airport and just awesome to finally meet brilliant Jezamine Tan! So grateful for all her support to get me out here! 

One of my dear friends now lives and works in Singapore so it was truly wonderful to scoff some ribs and chestnut tea food with dear Susan Sentler.

Returned to the hotel. Unpacked the essentials…

A bundle of publicity for the festival was delivered to my room. Awesome to get my hands on the A4 brochure with Madge of Honor on the cover and my painty face on the back…

And my postcards arrived ready for  me to start giving away my #CompulsiveCharcoal drawings today!

But oh god…Jet lag hideousness. Awake since 2:50am. Doing yoga in the dark in the hotel room by 4:30am to try to calm brain and body! By 7am I was swimming in the hotel roof top pool!

Bring on the Channel Asia National TV interview this morning! I’m then giving a talk at two hour workshop at Lasalle University to Masters in Art Therapy students, before attending the grand opening of the festival tonight! A chance to meet all the other artists!

Let the adventures begin!

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