M1 Singapore Fringe Festival adventures day 3 

Friday gave me the opportunity to get into the flow of creating and giving away many more of my 1 minute free #CompulsiveCharcoal drawings on the MRT in Singapore. We had a longer commute than the previous days to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in northern Singapore. 

We were heading to Yishuan Community Hospital/ Khoo Teck Puat Hospital where I was to give a talk on Skin Picking and art to health professionals including psychologists and social workers.

It’s an extraordinary place! Lush green vegetation grows along the outdoor corridors of each ward. More like something out of Jurassic Park than any hospital I’ve ever seen! The hospital is relatively new, only opening last year. The concept is of course to put flora and fauna near to the patients and staff to improve the atmosphere and to connect everyone back to their surroundings for wellbeing and to aid recovery. What a beautiful place.

My morning talk was well received, and the room resembled a storm trooper from Star Wars! 

I was happy a number of the health professionals asked for a free drawing. As soon as I got the charcoal out, I could feel the excitement at the mess and thought they should have a go too… which brilliantly they did!!

In the afternoon we headed home on the MRT, drawing all the while…

In the evening I was speaking at the public event hosted by LASALLE School of the Arts where I was delighted to be able to spend some more time with dear friend Susan Sentler.

Terrific day! 


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