M1 Singapore Fringe Festival day 4 – talks & workshop

We headed back to the fantastic Khoo Teck Puat Hospital for my public talk to more than 60 participants, followed by my workshop.

An exhibition of my artworks had been set up in the foyer for visitors.

Keen audience and lots of warmth from everyone there!! As with all of the other talks, no one had really heard of Compulsive Skin Picking so this has been an opportunity at each stage to give key advocacy information about the disorder as well as show images of my artwork and how I manage it every day.

I gave the audience a little 1 minute #CompulsiveCharcoal demonstration which was enthusiastically observed and filmed!

Here’s the happy recipient of that particular free drawing!!

One of the doctors asked if I’d graffiti one of the large prints in the foyer! I hadn’t ever graffitied my own artwork before so this was somewhat of a meta moment!!

And here I am with the psychologists & staff at Yishun Community Hospital and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital who made me so very welcome! I donated this customised artwork to the hospital where it will now be permanently exhibited.

After these exciting moments, and a short refreshment break, I was to lead my workshop. Reflecting on the theme of Art and Skin, I’d suggested to the festival I’d lead a texture gathering workshop, textures are a repetitious theme in my practice and artwork. I explained to the 35 participants that we’d use the environment to complete a short shared experience. This was a texture gathering photography workshop, using simply mobile phone, to notice and capture the scars, marks and details in the ‘skins’ of the environment. 

Here are some of the images I captured… 

With limitted time on our hands at the end of the workshop, we hopped in a cab to get to Esplanade Theatre on the other side of the country in time for my final talk!

Stuck im traffic, I began drawing for my chaperones and the taxi driver got a drawing too! 


The Esplanade is based on the shape of a durian…

I spoke to at a public event at the Library within the building …warm words from Alvin Tan, Artistic Director of The Necessary Stage..

I had cocktails and dinner with a number of the other artists involved in festival as well as Festival Manager Sean Tobin. The day ended watching a performance  of Fight Palast in the Esplanade studio theatre.


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