M1 Singapore Fringe Festival – day 6 at Association for Mental Health

On Monday 9 January, a meeting had been arranged by British Council with Creative Hub at the Goodman Arts Centre, this is the Singapore Association for Mental Health. Of course on the way there, I created and gave a way a number of #CompulsiveCharcoal drawings on the SMRT….

Graffiti at Goodman Arts Centre, Singapore

Cherry and Alicia from British Council Singapore had kindly arranged this connection so that I could find out a little more about the Art Therapy offered to communities in Singapore, and I was really excited to meet the team.

Alicia and Cherry with the art materials…

Creative Hub is just one arts organisation on a crazy complex, in what used to be an old school, at Goodman Arts Centre. This is also where Arts Council Singapore is based. It became clear very quickly that lots of useful connections had already been made with the staff at Lasalle too, where Art Therapy links connecting back to my trip were crossing over! I was inspired to hear of the drop in sessions run weekly at Creative Hub for the community access creative activities and workshops with qualified Arts Therapists, but it was also noted that so much more work needed to be done in this area. I am hoping that by making this link, there may be future collaborations or residencies where I might be able to return to work with Creative Hub connected to my own teaching and workshops. An inspiring morning!

I created a 1 minute #CompulsiveCharcoal for Alison, filmed by Alicia Ali!

After the meeting, Cherry and Alicia introduced me to Jonathan Kiat, a musician and DJ who is also Cherry’s husband! We went for some delicious food at Singapore’s Swimming Club, an old colonial hub with a restaurant.

I had chicken and rice to die for, and it was here that the asian pudding known as chendol was introduced to me! Absolutely delicious, and my goodness look at the colours of it!! Shaved ice with coconut milk, glassy palm seeds, and yes… kidney beans! Amazing colour on the top is dyed gelatine. On a hot and humid day, this was just the ticket to refresh and cool down!

After lunch, Cherry and John (Kiat) drove me to the heritage district which was beautiful. He also introduced me to Ink and Clog, a world famous graffiti duo, and I was honoured to be asked to create a 1 minute #CompulsiveCharcoal for them…

At the end of this brilliant day of adventures, I took myself out for dinner and found  grilled seafood bar where I ate amazing prawns in garlic and chilli….





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